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Everything you need to know about GUA SHA and more!

Gua Sha has created a lot of buzz in the skincare industry. Is it worth the investment? Lets find out!

There is already a lot of information about Gua Sha on the Internet, including a lot of misinformation, myths, Basic queries. There are so many people on social media, Who portray Gua Sha as a gimmicky and fun tool often kept in those mini-fridges.

Don’t get me wrong, But Gua Sha rather needs to be taken seriously and is not just an "Instagram-able beauty tool". So, I have tried to jot down about Gua Sha in most simplified yet in an elaborate manner.

Presenting to you Gua Sha 101.

To start with, Gua Sha is pronounced as “GUA SAA”. Gua sha is ancient- traditional Chinese technique involving scraping/stroking the skin using tools designed to do so. The tools are made of different kinds of precious stones, The majorly used stones are Rose Quartz{whitish pink colour}, Amethyst{purple hue colour}, Jade stone{green colour}, Bian stone{dark greenish-black colour} etc.

The traditional medicinal practitioners believe that scraping Gua Sha upon skin releases illnesses from the blood. Basically, The Gua Sha technique is like yoga for the skin. The body Gua sha and facial Gua sha differ in shapes and sizes as well as in techniques.

The tool used for the body is the real traditional tool and facial Gua sha tools originate from the same principle yet differ in technique. The pressure we exert on the face is far more gentle and light compared to the Gua sha performed on the body.

Understanding Lymphatic drainage before knowing more about Gua Sha.

Our body has a Lymph system. Lymph is a yellowish fluid that passes oxygen and nutrients to cells and along the way collects the harmful toxins from the blood and drains it into what we call ‘Lymph nodes’ situated all over the body. There are twice the lymph vessels as blood vessels in the body. Unlike blood, lymph fluid doesn’t consist of a pumping mechanism.

Hence, the pressure from blood vessels or your body movement alone causes the lymph to flow.

Thus, Using Gua Sha massaging technique we exert slight pressure and scrap through the skin gently guiding it to the nearest lymph node and wiggle to flush the toxin. I will be including a picture depicting the location of lymph nodes on the face.

Now, this is the basic science behind performing Gua Sha. You can skip the next part if you do not believe in stones affecting us on a spiritual and mental level. But if you are curious to know more, here it goes.

Before starting, I would like to give a disclaimer as many people who do not believe in Energies and vibes may disregard it as rubbish. That’s fine too, Few believe in it, Few don’t. Miracles and magic do happen if one believes in it.

Gua Sha – Emotional and Spiritual impact.

when we stress, We create facial expressions creating tension in the facial muscles which leads to storing emotions and trauma that resides in for years, Eventually making the muscles and tissues stiff and sore. This is the reason people end up getting emotional or tears roll as emotions and trauma is released while performing Gua Sha ritual.

Gua Sha crystal is also known to impact us on the Spiritual level. The Rose Quartz is called “Love stone” and is related to “Heart Chakra”[One of the seven Chakras residing near heart]. It is known to promote Love and healing. It creates a sense of calmness and bliss.

The Amethyst is linked to “Crown chakra” [topmost chakra residing in Head] and it helps in purifying the mind, Clearing Negative energy and ensures the development of intuition and wisdom.

All the stones help in creating a positive vibe around and that is why the crystals are often held while meditating and are generally kept in rooms as showpieces.

Although the bottom line is, All the stones connect to you on a mental level and every stone is beneficial.

The founder of YBP cosmetics, Payal Thakker believes that one should choose the stone we are attracted to the most. Yes, stones attract you!! Also, Treating the stones with the utmost respect is equally important irrespective of belief in the spiritual side of the story. Treat them with respect and care.

Benefits of Gua Sha can be boiled down to:

  1. Detoxifies the skin

  2. Helps in Lymphatic Drainage.

  3. Promotes Oxygen and blood supply; combats stagnation of skin.

  4. De-puffs the face and reduces face bloating

  5. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

  6. Contours and tones the face.

  7. Deals water retention in the skin.

Now that we have discussed a hell lot of information on what Gua sha does, let us discuss some Basic queries.

Who can use Gua Sha?

Everybody. The earlier, the better. Gua Sha is known to give results like botox and can make one look younger with religious practice.

Which stone/crystal Gua Sha tool should I pick?

You should pick the one you are drawn to the most.

Are rollers the same as Gua Sha?

No, Rollers only de-puff skin and are easy to use, No specific technique needed to use them. Rollers don’t generally help in lymphatic drainage.

Gua sha, on the other hand, is an advanced tool, It is ancient. You cant achieve results like Gua Sha using face rollers.

Its more like something is better than nothing while addressing rollers.they are good and basic.

How to use Gua Sha?

Make sure your skin is slippery before performing Gua Sha. Apply oil[any oil that is non-comedogenic] and start with your neck first, Stroking/scraping the skin in an upward direction. Please don’t skip the neck and move directly to the face.

I will upload the pictures to help you understand better. But the right technique only comes with practice and a little patience along the way. Don’t rush through the process, I’d say rather enjoy this self-care routine.

Here are a few points to remember while performing Gua Sha

  • Make sure you have some cloth below, If the stone accidentally slips, It can break.

  • Don’t perform Gua Sha in Bathroom, There are high chances of stone slipping from your hand.

  • The angle of Gua Sha touching skin should be 15degree approximately, Keep the tool Flat on skin and stroke. The stone should be in contact with your skin as much as possible.

  • Don’t push the tool, Pull it while scraping.

  • While performing Gua Sha using the other hand to hold the skin tightly is equally important.

Can I see the results instantly?

The answer is Yes and No.

Yes, Because it instantly de-puffs the skin and your face might turn red{not everybody’s skin turns red}, So you know its working.

NO, Because its like yoga, You cant expect to see the result in 5 mins of performing it. It needs to be practiced daily or at least 3 times a week religiously for years to see its results.

How to clean the tool?

After performing Gua Sha, Wash it with gentle soap and water, and dry it using a cloth. Store in a cool place.

Can I use it if I have Acne?

Yes, You can avoid the problematic area and go around it.

Huh!!!! Here we come to an end. I hope I cleared all the queries regarding Gua Sha. If you still have questions, Feel free to comment or reach out to me.


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