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Five books to read if you are in your twenties

A list of five self-development books every 20-something should read atleast once in their life.

Five books to read if you are in your twenties

Being a twenty-something myself, I know how hard this phase gets. we get confused, Irritated, Lack self-confidence and really, what not?. But, Here are some books that might help us figure out our life.

Books are an easy way for self-development, They offer us a totally new perspective on life. I have picked five wonderful books about life, success, and finance that might help all twenty-somethings to actually take this period seriously.

so here are my top five books every twenty-somethings should read.

1. The Defining Decade - by Meg Jay

Meg Jay is a clinical psychologist, Who has dealt with many twenty years old, Studied them, and after years of experience, she came up with this book. I had to mention it first Because its life-changing. If there is one book you should take away from this entire article, it's this book.

Meg Jay writes why "Thirty is not new twenty" and clears some common misconceptions about twenty-something years. The period from 20-30 years [which is a defining decade] is the time when what we do determines who we will become.

According to Meg Jay, time in the twenties is a critical period - a time when we are primed for growth and change. This book is for all those kidults or adultescents who are confused about life ahead. If you miss this book, make sure you at least watch the Ted talk by Meg Jay, which puts some light on the summary of this book.

2. The 4 - hour work week by Timothy Ferris

In this new era of Instagram and social media, Most of the twenty-somethings find it difficult to cope up with a 9-5 corporate job. Most of us want to quit our existing job to follow our passion and live our dreams. If you're against the idea of a typical desk job then this book is for you.

The author Timothy Ferris gives his real-life examples to teach us how to design our lifestyle, also he shares how to be the new rich, working only for four hours a week. This clearly is a guide to escape the rat race and to follow our passion. Tim Ferris calls retirement worst-case scenario insurance and talks about why relative income is more important than absolute income. Along the way, he busts a few myths on jobs and finance. Don't forget to grab this book if you are thinking to quit your job and follow your dreams.

A list of five self-development books every 20-something should read atleast once in their life.

3. Anne Frank - A Young girl

You might have certainly heard of this book many times during your school and college. A classic book about a thirteen-year-old girl in Amsterdam who went hiding with her family under the Nazi rule.

She lived with 8 people in Annex for two years, under poor conditions. This book will make you think of how the world has changed for the better, How we are utmost lucky to be living in a modernized and independent society today. This book is moving, Because its narrated by Anne herself. The book is a diary entry, later published by her father after her death in one of the concentration camps. This book is clear evidence of Jewish sufferings under the Nazis. There is an Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam if you want to find out about her more.

4. Big magic By Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth is well-known for her famous novel "Eat, Pray, Love". I agree it's one of the finest books on the transformational story of a woman. But, big magic is magic created by Gilbert. I have no words for Elizabeth's style of writing, Its splendid. But what's even more miraculous is her tone while narrating the book. I urge you to listen to the audiobook version if you decide to give this book a chance.

She tells us why we should work on our dream unapologetically, Along the way she clears age-old misconceptions on creative living. She makes us believe, without creative living life is unlived. It's not a typical self-help book with clichéd stories on how one becomes successful overnight.

If you want to know how big magic works, grab a copy or listen to it on audible.com, And see if it does big magic in your life as well.

5. Rich Dad Poor Dad- by Robert Kiyosaki

This book has changed the financial lives of many. But, you might ask me, We are twenty-somethings !! we don't need to worry about money so early, we are still kinda kids !!

No. Financial Education these days is a must and its sad that our schools and colleges don't teach us that. It's a subject we have to learn on our own. The author explains brilliantly in this book, the financial education and why it is mandatory, taking his real-life examples and experiences.

Poor dad is the author's biological father, whereas the rich dad is the author's best friend's father. He makes us understand what mistakes his poor dad committed that the rich dad didn't. He also clears myths on common money-related issues most people commit and how we can rectify it and move past that. If you are the person who has lots of debt, this might prove to be an eye-opening book for you.

That's the end of the list, and I really hope you pick these up and say yes to an amazing life transformation.

Comment below if you have already read one of these, Let me know how was the experience and what impact it had on your life.

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