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20 Signs you are going through a quarter-life crisis

In your twenties, Going through a time of turbulence seems like an inevitable part of adulting. Quarter-life crisis strikes most of the young adults and here are some signs you must be going through one.

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Here is a list of 20 most common signs you are going through a quarter-life crisis!

1. You feel like you haven't accomplished anything significant yet.

You are in your 20s and still, feel like you haven't reached the goals you had set for yourself when you were a teenager.


2. You feel as though your friends are getting ahead in life.

They have it all figured out. People around you are getting married, getting settled, having babies, buying a car, and owning a villa. While nothing has changed in your life yet, You are still in the same place you were a few years ago.

3. You are clung to your temporary job.

You took up a temporary job that you planned to quit and follow your passion a year ago, yet somehow you are still doing that job.

4. You feel stuck in a rut.

you don't know what you want in life. You perform a dull routine that doesn't excite you anymore. You are worn-out of the mundane life that doesn't spark joy in you. You just can't seem to figure out how to get out of this dead-end.

5. Your goals are conflicting.

Sometimes you want to conquer the world, build that business, live a million-dollar life, and at other times you just want to stay in a secluded home somewhere in nature. And because your goals are so conflicting, you can't seem to decide which one to follow.


6. You get infuriated about not being able to afford your dream life.

You are living paycheck to paycheck. You are unable to find a healthy balance between spending money on Saturday nights and paying the rent. You struggle with living below your means and are often ashamed to reveal your income in front of your peers.


7. You experience plenty of pressure from your family, friends, and society, in general, to get settled in life.

You start receiving bogus advice from people around you. Your parents are paranoid about your future.

You are still unable to digest the fact that they are now worried about finding a suitable life partner, whereas, once they were more concerned about finishing your homework.

8. You feel like there is no internal motivation to pursue what you want.

You don't feel like working towards your life-long ambition. You know you are not content with your current situation. Yet there is not enough motivation to get you started. You are petrified to leave your comfort zone(that temp. job) and take action.

9. You are comfortable with spending a night on your own

with Netflix and a cup of warm tea, only to keep wondering through the mid-night if you missed a great party! (FOMO is real)

10. You contemplate if your job isn't for you.

Your career isn't yielding you any results, no matter how much effort you put in. Job satisfaction seems like a far fetched dream.

11. You find a way to escape reality.

You continually chase distractions, so you can shift your focus from current reality. You are lost in binge-watching videos and listening to music(anything and everything that distracts you from asking hard questions about your present life). Sometimes, you want to pack your bags and run away to a faraway country.

12. You are depressed.

Depression is one of the symptoms of a quarter-life crisis. You also tend to panic when you imagine what your future might look like if you don't do something about it now.

13. You feel shit-scared that your partner might not be your soul mate.

You are dating just for the sake of dating. You know you have no compatibility and no future with the current partner. The thought of this terrifies you.

14. You have anxiety.

You panic about the idea of all imperfect things in your life. You are terrified about what the future has in store for you. You get overwhelmed by how much your life has changed, and the responsibilities that are daunting upon you.

15. You feel the need to have a life/career mentor, but don't know how to find them.

You know you need guidance. Although you do not have the right people around you to take advice from.

16. You feel too old to experiment with new things and too young to make your own decisions.

You feel like a half-grown adult who wants to tick off everything on the bucket list, Although thinking about it gets overwhelming.

17. You crave for a life filled with meaning.

You want to have deep, meaningful relationships, clear cut goals.

18. The sense of time slipping by is a nightmare for you.

You feel like you are running low on time to succeed in life.

19. You are insecure.

About yourself, about your relationships, the future, literally everything that scares the shit out of you.

20. You and your school friends have nothing in common now.

The friends who you considered "cool" in school are not even close to cool anymore. Your tastes in various aspects of life have changed, making you drift apart from close friends.

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