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5 Skincare habits & Mindsets you need in your life RN

Ever heard of right mindset for skincare? We are interested! Let's find out the secret to a glowing skin!

We are not getting any younger, and with passing time it is getting more and more complicated to adopt one ideal skincare regime. This is the era of “influencers” and “beauty gurus”. The insta-influencers will be ready to post their appreciation for a whole new skincare range that’s just launched, while you just purchased a new face wash from their last recommendation.

There are so many options in the market today, it's obvious that one gets baffled to choose from such a huge range.

We unwittingly believe whatever we see, We put an immoderate amount of chemicals on our skin, it's hard, It's overwhelming.

This is just what I went through, is it relatable?

From being a crazy skincare addict to getting it all right with a simple yet effective skincare routine and the right mindset, The journey was not a straight line.

I have finally reached a place where I am not obsessed with clear skin or buying more skincare, and I have managed to keep my skin pretty healthy too.

So, I thought of sharing my beauty mindset/habits that have changed the game for me.

1. Mind what you put on your skin.

There was a time when I drooled over skincare products, I obsessively experimented with new ones, changed my routine excessively, used “medical skincare” even when it wasn’t prescribed to me. I also used so-called “organic skincare” and whatnot!! It left my skin dry and I had bruises all over my skin. It was all bad.

Look, I don’t have to tell you to stop using “chemicals” on your skin or not to use too many products, You know that already. What you do not know and need to understand is the fact that even organic skincare these days, isn’t organic after all.

The so-called organic brands are mostly green-washed for making profitable businesses. They are just chemical concoctions in the name of certified organic.

To put it briefly,

Simplify your skincare routine as much as possible, you don’t need a 10-step Korean skincare routine to get clear and healthy skin.

Use chemical skincare only if it's recommended by a dermatologist or an aesthetician, or try avoiding it completely.

Try brands that are truly organic, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free.

DIY your facewash powder, DIY facemasks, Make your own.

Use this mantra “if you can't eat it, don’t put it on your skin”.

2. Touch your skin.

I see this myth going on all over social media and youtube channels, asking people to “not touch their skin”.

Again terms and conditions applied, Don’t touch your skin:

  • All the time

  • If your hands are dirty

  • If you have makeup on

  • If you have severe hormonal acne/zit

But what most people end up concluding is to not touch the face at all!

Touching your face can be beneficial in the long run. When your skin is just washed, your hands are clean, and you are now ready to proceed with serum or moisturizer.

That’s the right time to touch your skin, don't just pat your skin with serum, massage it, through massage, you are helping the lymph under the skin to move, which in turn helps in draining the toxins accumulated underneath the skin.

Alternatively, use gua sha for the same, Just like your body needs exercise, your skin needs some movement too. Don’t be afraid to touch your skin.

To read more about gua sha and its benefits, click here.

3. Eat right.

Do you eat French fries, and complain your skin doesn’t glow? Honestly, It doesn’t quite work that way. Also, eating homecooked food isn’t enough, Your ideal diet should also include lots of raw veggies and fruits.

Eating the right food is the key to healthy skin. Know that your skin can be clear with chemical peels and chemical face products, but for it to possess that glow, it needs to be healthy from within. It is foolish to waste money on expensive treatments and products when you can just treat it by consuming a nutritious raw diet.

What you put in your body is going to show up. Women suffer from hormonal problems, Today, Diseases like pcod and thyroid are so common in women. But, most of them are manageable by just eating the wholesome, living, nutrient-rich plant-based food.

Here are some ideas I keep experimenting with

  • Fruitarian for a day, {once a week}

  • Intermittent fasting

  • Include more plant-based in diet

  • Eat fiber-rich food- because gut health is skin health

  • Eat locally available fruits and veggies

4. Scared of the sun?

Sun has become the main villain in the skincare industry today, But have you ever wondered our ancestors never used any sunscreens!! While it might be somewhat wrong to say that the sun is not harmful at all, it is also wrong to say that the sun is completely harmful.

Sunlight is surprisingly favorable to our mind and body. Exposing yourself to the mild sun for 10-15 minutes is advantageous for skin and overall health.

By staying in the light warmth of the mild sun, the pores clogged with dirt will loosen up and toxins will eventually exit through the skin.

Sun is a part of mother nature, Sunlight gives us life, A seed becomes a sapling when it receives sun rays. Have you noticed, you feel lazy and depressed when you are in the darkroom and you feel active when you are in sunlight, It cannot be a coincidence right?!! We feel good in ample sunlight because it triggers the release of serotonin, those feel-good hormones.

Exposing ourselves to the sun can also help in relieving depression, it is a natural detoxifier, helps us sleep better, helps our body in vitamin D production, cures eczema, Psoriasis.


  • Sunbathing

  • Sungazing

  • Drink sun charged water

  • Exercise in mild sun-Suryanamaskar


  • Don’t fully eliminate the use of sunscreen. But also don’t slather too much.

  • Don't stay in sun for too long,15-30 mins is ideal.

  • Avoid the afternoon sun. We need the light of the sun, not the heat of the sun{Remember, too much good is often too bad.}

5. Accept as you are.

No matter how your skin is right now, Accept it as it is, Accept your birthmarks, your skin texture, the way your nose looks, acne scars, pigmentation, aging, Own them, and they won't feel like flaws once you accept they are all part of you.

All the skin products in the world or skin-changing diets won't work if you don’t acknowledge your body and feel comfortable in your skin. Know that you are only human and it's normal to be imperfect.

Comparing your skin to someone else’s is like disrespecting it, In reality, nobody’s skin is perfect, Everyone has their own set of insecurities to deal with. Don't focus on the things you cant change, Above all, self–love is the simplest solution I can suggest you.

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