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The cure for your problems


How are you doing?

I hope my little notes now and then are working some magic on you!

Here are some of the problems we “think” we have:

How do I gain self-confidence?

How do I love myself more?

I get envious when I see other people accomplishing things I want to accomplish.

Problems never seem to stop in my life.

I feel so lonely.

Will I ever find love in my life?

How do I earn more money?

I don't seem to figure out what to do with my life.

I don't want others to judge me/what if others judge me?

Why do I have such low energy?

Why do others seem so happy than me?

He is so luckier than me/she is luckier than me.


Oh god! <name> the list never seems to end, isn't it!?

Let me tell you <name>, We all have felt this way one time or another.

The thing about negative emotions and problems is that they are not out-of-the-box problems, they are not some unique mysterious problems that the universe has sent for us to go through or solve.

If you look at it, Alllllllllll of the problems we face or we “think” we face are based on one thing: FEAR.

FEAR of not being happy.

FEAR of being single

FEAR of not making enough money

FEAR of not finding the perfect career.

FEAR the judgment society throws at us.

FEAR that, FEAR this.

I think we are a little toooooooooo afraid of living our life.

A little too afraid to go out there and do what's best for us.


I asked myself the same question a year ago.

The answer, however, I found only six months ago.

Six months ago, an epiphany changed my life.

I finally started making progress in all aspects of my life. Not that all of my problems were magically solved! NO!

But I found the cure!


Before you close the email saying "oh god! Can't bear another person talking about self-love a zillionth time", hear me out.

What do all the happiest and most successful people have in common?

Yes. They love themselves. They respect themselves. They know their worth.

Not in a self-obsessed cringy way. But in the most authentic way possible.

Do you love yourself?

I hope you answer that question honestly tonight.

Caramel cheesecake,


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