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New year brings a new chance for change, growth and ample room for improvement, Lets find out how to make the most of this new year!

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The new year is fast approaching in a few days.I am certainly thrilled as well as nervous of what this year has in store for me. We all tend to make resolutions every year, Yet somehow we end up losing the zeal to fulfill them in the first month of the new year itself. This is why I have decided to set goals and not resolutions this year. Resolutions do not have a specific target and deadline. Therefore, we end up procrastinating.

Conversely, Goals are S.M.A.R.T.






So, it is easy to follow them up and track the progress at the end.

Here is my list of 3 goal ideas for self-growth for the new year.

1. Reading ___ number of books (insert your desired number here)

I had to include this obviously! I am a sucker for self-help books and I do have a reading bucket list, Although half of them are yet to be struck off from my list! Every year I made a resolution to read more books. But ended up forgetting or procrastinating.

Not this year!!

This new year, my goal is to read 24 self-help books. My goal is smart, Because I have a specific number to target. So, My goal becomes specific and measurable. My goal is attainable and time-based as I have to read 2 books every month and I think it is not a mammoth task to carry out. Hence, that makes it relevant.

Target a specific number of books to read according to your schedule and capacity and stick to it. If you hate reading books, I suggest you try listening to them on Audible.com or storytel.com. Trust me, You will thank yourself for doing it. Alternatively, you can listen to podcasts on Spotify as well. Listen to them while commuting or cooking and so, The time will also be used productively.

2. Try to do something new every month/week

Sure, This might feel unattainable. Contradictorily, Its a highly attainable goal. I am not asking you to do the scariest new thing. I am not suggesting, that you go bungee jumping this weekend(although, It’s a cool idea!!).

All I'm suggesting is “try” to do the daintiest new things. Maybe you can cook a new recipe this weekend, Or try a new restaurant for dinner!! Maybe you could go for a wine tasting at a nearby brewery. Maybe you could wear a never tried piece of cloth to work. You could befriend someone new or take your old school friend to lunch!!. Maybe you could watch a movie of a genre u never tried before or you could try implementing meditation, You could have a night out with your buddies, you could start journaling this year!! You could go on a date with your love!! Or spend the night on the terrace and watch stars all night!

Alright! listen!! This list is never-ending and I'm getting quite excited while I write this! This does sound exciting doesn't it?!! The point being all the things listed above are not scary and yet exciting!! and SMART too!!

2. Learn something new this year

This year let's try to grow out of our comfort zone and learn something new! It may be a new skill that may help you advance your career, Or taking classes online to learn a new hobby or software. This is the era of constant learning. You need to keep up your potential in this fast-changing world. Maybe you could take up art classes, or poetry, Join the gym or learn a new language!!

Do anything!! But learn something new this year. I am going to learn Spanish this year and I am glad I have already started learning.

We are all caught up in our busy lives, But this new year try to take some time out from your busy schedule to learn. Learn something new without actually expecting to be a pro at it. It's okay!! Learning is important, Don’t turn the process of learning into a competition.

Ahh! I hope you make the most out of this coming year, and try to emerge as a better version of yourself. I will really be glad if you picked at least one goal idea for yourself this year!! Serves the whole purpose of sharing this blog with you all.

Ever grateful!

Thank you


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