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Simple tips for moving to a new city as a 20-something

Moving to a new city? Great! Here are the must-know tips for you to make the move easier!

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Moving to a new place can be overwhelming as well as exciting at the same time. I always wanted to move to a city after graduating. When I got my first internship opportunity in Bangalore, I was ecstatic. My best friend and I made a list of things we need to carry and spent the whole noon shopping!(Quite fun btw!)

Bidding adieu to my hometown was tough, Although, the thought of starting a new beginning in a place I have never been before was exciting! The new-found freedom I would earn after moving to a new city, as well as the adult-like feeling is what I aimed for.

Staying in my hometown for most of the education wasn’t thrilling to be quite frank. It made me stay in my comfort zone and as a result, I stopped exploring new opportunities altogether. While moving to a new place may seem daunting at first, Believe me when I say it will change your life, and for good!

Whether it is moving for a new job, or your post-graduation, Moving to a new city alone in your 20s is a milestone for your adult life.

Here are a few things I wish my best friend and i knew at that time.

1. Always have extra savings on hand.

While moving to a new city can be overwhelming, It can be expensive as well. No matter how many paychecks I got, I was constantly short of money. The living expenses in Bangalore were quite high compared to my hometown. The burden of socializing, Exploring new restaurants and bars with friends because "this is a time to explore mentality " also made me stay broke.

Nevertheless, If socializing is your main priority and you do not want to miss out on that or you just don’t want to go broke in a new land, Saving 3-6 months prior to moving is always a brilliant idea.

2.Get out of your comfort zone and start communicating.

I am a hardcore believer in the fact that making friends in the 20s is much easier. It is also a lot simpler to settle down in a new place in your 20s.

People in their 30s and beyond are far more focused on their careers, relationships, and kids rather than exploring and welcoming a new change like moving and making friendships.

In the first 6 months of moving to Bangalore, I made at least 5-6 girlfriends who were from different parts of India, like-minded and positive people. Had I not approached them, I would have missed out on a lot of fun and a genuine bond for life.

3. Think of time as a currency.

My friend lived in central Bangalore, Making it hard for her to travel to a different area for the job. She would travel via metro and sometimes book an Uber or an Ola. She spent most of her time traveling and as a result, she would be too exhausted to hang out on the weekends.

She would get upset that she was missing out on a lot of exploring the city.

When moving to a new city, Always find accommodation that’s near to your office/college. Think of time as currency. There's not much time and you undoubtedly wouldn’t want to spend it on mindless traveling.

4. Moving is not as glamorous as they show in the series!

Moving is messy! There I said it! When I shifted to a new apartment in a new city, The first day of getting ready for my job was a disaster! I spent at least 20 minutes searching for the dress I misplaced!

"Moving to a new city and finding yourself sagas" of tv series are all glam and shiny to watch, But it is not the case in real life. You will be extremely homesick, The food will not taste good, And you will call your mom 100 times a day! This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, You are just beginning to be an adult! But otherwise, Definitely messy!

5. You will get lonely and it is okay.

For the majority of my stay in Bangalore, I constantly felt lonely, Irrespective of how many times I would hang out with friends. When you shift to a new place and start exploring new things, A part of you will be uncomfortable, A part of you will want to feel as cozy as you felt in your hometown. A part of you will miss your life back then. Know that it is okay too. Feeling lonely can be extremely helpful in understanding ourselves better. I learned to enjoy my own company largely when I moved to Bangalore. Sometimes, It can prove to be a peaceful experience, only if you make peace with it.

6.Have an emergency travel bag/kit ready.

For times you need to rush to your hometown Or need an escape to a nearby getaway, Always keep an emergency bag with 2 pairs of clothes and other essentials ready. When I had to catch a train to my hometown and also attend the office, A bag like this came in handy as I had no time to pack after returning from the office.

7.Keep a call in case of an emergency list.

When moving to a new city, In a lot of situations, Things won’t go as planned and you might need a little help from people you know(who also happen to stay in the same city). Always keep a small diary with emergency contact details in your wallet/purse. Do not skip this.

8. Keep reminding yourself why you are here.

As time passed, I kind of forgot what inspired me to move to a new city. I got detached from the very mission of what drove me to move. Losing yourself in the hustle and bustle of a new place can feel demotivating. Now and then, it is a good idea to remind yourself of why you are here in this new place and this might help you keep your eyes on the goal.

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