• Neha Kalavati

How to achieve work-life balance in 4 key steps

The concept of work-life balance seems like a dream out of reach! But with some key changes, its likely achievable. Read to know how!

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In this era, Achieving work-life balance seems like a myth far from coming true. Working 9-5 and having almost no time to spend with family and friends is the new normal these days. The weekends go by unnoticed and the Monday comes again dragging us to work while we are still feeling groggy. The more this cycle repeats, The more vicious it feels. Despite all this, I choose to disagree that work-life balance is just a myth. I have a few tips to make work-life balance seem achievable if consciously tried to do so.

1. Work efficiently.

With technology surrounding us from everywhere, Working efficiently without being distracted is quite a challenge, Although a very crucial step in achieving work-life balance. If you want to finish your work early, meet the target and get done with that day's work to leave for home as early as possible, You need to minimize distractions during your work-hours.

The less distracted you are, The more you will get things done. Switching off notifications on my cell phone and the do not disturb mode helped me in working with focus.

2. Reduce social media.

The time spent in scrolling through the feed can be difficult to track as we are not doing it on a fixed schedule. But, it is evident that the time we have to balance our lives, Rejuvenate our mind and body, and spend time with our family is recklessly wasted all on social media.

How much better would it feel to spend that time with our family?

Spend only 10-15 mins on social media in a day.

Stop mindlessly scrolling through the feed.

Delete the apps for a week and you will notice that you suddenly have an extra chunk of time. Also, you can try setting a timer for 10-15 min for daily catch up on social media. The latter one seems to work for me.

3.Set goals for your personal life.

Goal setting to get things done in the workspace is not a new concept. But, we fail to do so in our personal life. Setting clear goals in our personal life is as important as it is in our professional life. Prioritizing both personal and professional life is the key to a great work-life balance.

Make a list of things you want to achieve in your personal life, relationships, and family. Taking frequent family vacations should definitely top the list. Planning for a weekend getaway or simply staying at home and spending relaxed time with family are some ideas.

4. Free yourself.

Although flexible timings at work and a coordinating boss and colleagues may seem like an idea out of reach, It is still possible if you free yourself of self-imposed behavior. Sometimes, It's we who force ourselves to reach the target, It's we who tell ourselves to work an extra hour to finish the project. We may never realize this, but after some time it starts showing its ill effects on our health and work quality.

The happier you are in your personal life, the more efficient you will be in your work life. Set boundaries for yourself, and make sure to follow them.

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