• Neha Kalavati

Minimalism is the positive change you are looking for

Minimalism has turned into a modern lifestyle movement, But why are people adopting it across the globe? Find out why.

As a preconceived notion, Minimalism these days has been restricted to Pinterest ideas and social media. Many have adopted minimalism as a lifestyle, but there are a few who think minimalism is no cakewalk, And a few others think minimalist life is black, white and boring.

On the contrary, Minimalism is easy and has no specific set of rules to follow. Minimalism is a state of mind, A state of being. It is questioning everything you own, Everything you want, And everything you think. It is consciously choosing what is more important for now. Minimalism is not about owning less, But more about owning things that you do need.

Assumptions about minimalism are many, Like I said before, Many perceive minimalism as depriving or controlling yourself from those feel good purchases we do every month after we get a paycheck.

As Antoine de saint quotes “ Perfection is achieved, Not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”.

Simplifying your life doesn’t necessarily mean you are sacrificing. But, It can imply that you are willing to choose a life full of joy and rejecting everything that isn’t that. I am guilty of shopping skincare and makeup all the time. I felt I needed it, Another facewash, Newly launched lipsticks, Pricy skincare.

I would buy a new lip balm even after having tonnes of unused ones still lying in my drawer or I would buy a new face wash even when I had a few bottles of them lying around which would work just fine. I always felt trying out new products is cool and felt happy after I bought something, I binge-watched haul videos of Instagrammers and beauty gurus only to feel I didn’t own enough at the end.

I had known about minimalism and its concept earlier. But, seldom tried inculcating it in my life. A radical shift happened after researching and reading books on it. As I was shifting to a new city, I decided to take things that I need and eliminate the rest. I realized half of the stuff that I owned, were never used by me and were just occupying the space instead.

Although, I truly feel there are a lot many benefits of adopting minimalism, Here are a few basic benefits I noticed.

Here goes the list.

1.Less stress, A decluttered space, and mind.

When you eliminate the negative thoughts from your mind, The stuff that no longer serves its purpose, Or anything you own in excess, you relieve yourself of the stress they cause, You make room for things and thoughts that bring a positive vibe into your home and life.

Decluttering your home will automatically, by default dejunks your mind as well. That is why I feel cleaning is therapy

But wait, Many mistake decluttering as organizing. Organizing is rearranging the things you own, whereas, Decluttering is getting rid of the stuff you no longer need.

2.Decluttered mind, A happy mind.

Materialistic desires will never come to an end, It’s a never-ending loop you won't be able to escape from until you realize that any new stuff you purchase won't make you happy. Even if they do, its short-lived, And that will make you buy something new again and again.

On a serious note, I do believe in spending on experiences that helps you grow and create some worthy memories that will last forever rather than spending on new stuff that occupies space. So how about saving for a weekend trip instead of purchasing another lipstick?

3. You save money!!

Ofcourse you will!!! A tonne of money!! Truly start questioning every product you want to buy. Do you need it or want it? Can something you already have can replace this? Is it worth the money you spend? Can't I buy this next time? Can I buy something multi-functional instead? Questions like these helped me while I was struggling with impulsive shopping.

Every time you visit a store, make sure you have a list of things you can stick to, and if you feel like buying anything beyond the list, take a picture of it instead and wait for a week. Even after a week if you still feel the need to buy it, go ahead.

Okay, So now that we have discussed a few benefits of implementing minimalism, Let's see what are the popular methods of decluttering.

1. Packing party method.

This method was put out by Minimalists.com and is an intense decluttering method. You have to pack everything in boxes as if you’re moving out, and whenever you need something you can take it out. You may need toothbrush and toothpaste the first thing in the morning and other necessary products.

At the end of the month, you will have all the mandatory items out of the box. The stuff lying inside the box that you didn’t use can be disposed off or donated.

2. 3-Box method

This is my go-to method of tidying up. You have to create a “yes” pile, A “no” pile and a “maybe” pile. The things that you use regularly goes in the “yes” pile, Things that you seldom use goes in “no” pile and will be discarded or donated, The things you are confused about will go in the “maybe” pile, which will be then kept away from your sight for a month.

If you remember anything from that pile and feel like using it, Go ahead. But, If you forget what was there in the pile it means you no longer need it, so eliminate it.

3. One for one method

For every new item that you buy, you have to let go an old item that you own. That way new stuff won't be adding up in your space. Another trick that helped me in reducing unnecessary clutter is making a home for every item that I own.

Every item should have a place in your home, to where it belongs, Like the cosmetics belong in the drawer under the dressing table or the juicer sits in the cabinet inside the kitchen. If you don’t have a space to store something, Make a space first and then buy it.

4. The minimalist game

This method was again put out by minimalists.com, Every day of the month, you have to get rid of an item, First day of the month, get rid of one item, On the second day get rid of two items and so on. That way you will not be exhausted tidying up space on one single day.

Books that i highly recommend reading are "The life changing magic of tidying up" by maria kondo, "Essentialism" by Greg Mckeown, Also check out Minimalists.com for further information.

Happy decluttering!!!

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