• Neha Kalavati

Here's why you need to start meditating in your twenties

20-somethings around the world need to start practicing mindfulness and here's why!

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The life we live today, Feels like a never-ending video-game; just as we finish playing a level, Another level pops up and requires more effort to not only play but also win at it.

Keeping up with life today, Requires the same effort and can often result in burnout and feeling exhausted.

For people in their 20s, It gets incredibly hard to perform better in every aspect of life, Be it a career, family, Relationships, Finances, etc. With social media at its peak, People in their 20s tend to get stuck in the comparison game, Living generally to seek validation.

To top all that, Quarter-life crises hit 20-somethings during all the struggle to do better in life.

One particular solution helps people in the 20s deal with what they are going through. It will not solve all the 20-something problems magically, But it gives us the strength to pass through the phase.


It is that m-word!!
Meditation or Mindfulness, whatever you prefer.

The considerable misconception around meditation practice is that it is only for aged adults. Nothing can be farther from the truth. In fact, 20-somethings are probably the first age group who need mindfulness practice in this day and age.

How does meditation help you reclaim your twenties?

  • Helps you create a better connection with your true self.

  • Helps you become emotionally stable and rooted.

  • Helps you make better life decisions.

  • Gives you a flexible mind that adapts to any situation.

  • Helps you be the best version of yourself.

  • Boosts your confidence and self-esteem.

A lot goes on in life on 20-something compared to an adult of any other age. In the twenties, We also tend to deal with many temporary people; coping with that sometimes gets tedious. Seeking validation from external sources, People-pleasing is just to name a few. In the constant run, it happens to be accepted by society to fit specific standards or roles.

Many 20-somethings live their life impressing others because they aren't aware of their own inner self.

It is like letting others order for you in a restaurant.

When I started my meditation journey, I could really notice a lot of changes within me. I started having a deeper understanding of who I am and what is that I want. I am now aware of thoughts as they cross my mind. It helped me develop a healthier relationship with myself.

I am now in alignment with my inner being.

My decision-making process is refined as a result of it.

Besides, Mindfulness helps you introspect your past and guide your future actions.

When I think about it, Mindfulness did help me in accepting incidences and mishappenings of my past. It helped me look at it as teachings and not memories filled with bitterness. Getting over your history as it is isn't an easy process as there is a lot of guilt, fear, and regret involved. Meditation practice helps you release negative feelings attached to your past and gives you the strength to just look at it as beautiful life lessons.

With constant meditation practice, I came in alignment with my dreams and goals. Sort of clear my mind and helped me focus on one thing that I really wanted. 20 minutes of everyday practice guided me in defining my path of approaching things in daily life.

You become emotionally stable and rooted.

With the highs and lows of day-to-day life and social media, 20-somethings find it onerous to cope with their emotions and stay grounded. The younger generation continually living in fear, disappointment while dealing with anxiety and severe mental problems.

Mindfulness practice puts an end to all of these,

It helps you connect with your true identity and enables you to nurture a positive attitude towards life, Build resilience towards any difficulties that come your way, and be emotionally stable in an unstable and ever-changing world.

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