• Neha Kalavati

Feeling lost in your twenties? You are not alone

Feeling lost in your twenties is quite common than you think and you are not alone in this!

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Welcome to the feeling lost community A.K.A the 20-something age group. Although people in every age group may experience feeling lost at a certain point in life, 20-somethings tend to experience it in a much larger capacity.

Typically, It is quite normal at this age to feel lost, To feel directionless. Post-graduation, For many of us, feels like we are out in the open! At this point in life, We have just come out of a long education system and now into the real world where nothing, Absolutely nothing feels familiar. That's the word! Familiar!

The main reason why we feel lost is, That we are constantly chasing familiarity! But, Here’s something many don't know! Nothing in your 20s is going to be familiar.

Life will be as uncertain and surprising as it can.

No matter how much you plan the next one year of your life, Or anything else, in particular, Things won't generally work out the way you want them to. That doesn't have to be a bad thing at all. In Fact, In my view, Feeling lost in your 20s is crucial as it leads to many opportunities that help us discover who we are at the core.

People who don't feel lost in their 20s, Often find themselves feeling lost in later stages of life.

Feeling lost is in a true sense a blessing in disguise.

I am in my mid-twenties now, And the huge stress is often figuring out life as soon as possible.

Although, now that I think about it, Figuring out life, pretty much, has been my only goal since I entered my twenties. Irrespective of how appealing the lives of others may seem, Here’s the crucial truth we all need to fit in our minds, That no one has it all figured out! Everyone is just experimenting with their life, Seeing what works and what doesn't! Well, That’s life, Isn’t it? A series of experiments!

A dream of a perfect life is just like a bone tangling in front of the dog! Maybe we can catch it, Or maybe we don’t! But, What is the definition of a perfect life? Is it material wealth? Is it living in costly bungalows or owning high-end gadgets?

After almost 5 years of living as a 20-something, I understood that The definition of a perfect life is different for everybody.

The mindset shift I made much later in my 20s is putting an end to the comparison game. When our lives are different, When things happen to us at a different pace, When our ideas & thoughts, and life, in general, are different, Why do we feel the urge to compare our lives with someone else?

We are not our friends, We are not our cousins, Relatives, Colleagues. We are we!

And the main goal in our 20s is just trying to be who we are, isn’t it? That should be the ultimate goal.

While a bunch of them are stuck in the comparison game, A lot of them are brought down by rejections.

Rejections in both personal and professional life are quite common in our 20s, And it does affect our self-esteem and how we see ourselves.

Getting rejected may feel like we have lost our direction, But really, It’s just redirection. Redirection towards where we are meant to go. Although at that point in time, it doesn't feel like there’s any hope, We are stuck in this rut of constantly finding ourselves unworthy.

Rejection can breed imposter syndrome. Feeling like you are not worthy and don’t have anything new to add to the world is a common symptom of that. Reminding ourselves that everyone is worthy of the best no matter how the situation feels like now is game-changing.

You don’t need to have it all figured out for feeling worthy. You don’t have to earn six figures to feel adequate. You don’t need to have an hourglass figure and glass skin to feel you are beautiful. In a world of Instagram filters, The idea of perfectness has lost all meaning. We often feel inadequate by comparing our real life to someone else’s reel life.

At the end of the day, Life will mold itself in a way you give it meaning to. Your thoughts shape your world.

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