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Feel like your Sunday ends before it starts? Here's what you should do.

There I was binge-watching Netflix on a Sunday noon, eating the leftover rajma chawal, and just as I glanced to my right on the wall and a round clock, it doomed upon me that it's already 4;30 pm and there won't be any more Sunday left for me to finish watching the Netflix series, or meet that friend I promised to see at 6;30pm, do the grocery shopping I have been putting off the whole week and still find some me-time before the workday starts.

I think I am not the only one who struggles with Sunday scaries. The overwhelming feeling when you realize that Sunday will soon be over and the pressure of the work already starts piling over you.

The reason behind feeling the Sunday blues.

The survey carried out by Linkedin says that around 91% of millennials worry about the week ahead on a Sunday, triggered by what is known as anticipatory anxiety.

The anxiety that causes Sunday blues is a result of us equating stress to work. Even though the work week ahead isn't a stressful one concerning workload, we see going back to the office or sitting in front of the laptop with pyjamas on as synonymous with stress.

This phenomenon results in releasing cortisol and adrenaline in our bloodstream and we begin to feel a stress reaction.

We experience the stress of an event that hasn't even happened yet and go through a real stress reaction to a danger that is only perceived in our minds.

Here are small steps you can take to scare away the Sunday scaries.

Create less difference between a Monday and a Friday.

I Am guilty of saving all the fun for the weekends and working myself to death over the weekdays that will only make me more resentful for the weekdays ahead of me. When my mind perceives a Monday and a Thursday as just "working-day" or a "boring workday" and Saturday and Sunday as “fun-days”, we begin to experience anxiety around weekdays and resent them.

Add fun things to do on your workdays that we make you look forward to not only a Sunday-Funday but also a wonderful Wednesday.

Have a productive Sunday morning routine.

Before you ask me if I'm out of my mind, hear me out. A semi-productive Sunday morning will sub-consciously ready you for the coming and a fixed Sunday routine will make you think you have more time on hand. Additionally, you can wake up earlier so that you retain the excitement of a Sunday morning and go to bed early without waiting around to experience Sunday scaries.

Stop demonizing Monday.

Out of all the days, we dread Monday the most and it's also valid because we go from having fun and doing nothing to doing everything in a day. But maybe that’s the problem. We go from doing nothing to doing everything, we go from being in the moment and having fun to being hyper-attentive and productive. We go from 0 to 100. How about starting the week slowly. Maybe you could follow the same Sunday morning routine on Monday too. Monday isn't as scary as we perceive it to be. One thing I did back when I was in a 9-5 job was to schedule a sweet email for Monday on a Friday evening. Maybe you could schedule an event you are looking forward to on a Monday. Plan something that takes the stress away from Monday monsters.

Maybe it's more than just Sunday blues.

The school of life article says “ We should not dismiss our angst blithely as “the Sunday blues”, to be assuaged with a drink and a film. We should see it as belonging to a confused yet utterly central search for a real self that has been buried under a need to please others and take care of short-term needs for status and money.”

Maybe as a society we normalize having Sunday blues to an extent that we might not even recognize that we are into an existential crisis and scheduling our existential feelings for a Sunday evening. Maybe it's now time to take a few hours of anxiety and sadness on a Sunday evening seriously and see those feelings as a catalyst to help discover our true selves. Maybe it's your heart’s way of telling you there’s more to life than dreading a Monday. Maybe it's time to explore our talents before it's too late.

Setting an intention for the week ahead

We can take a few minutes on a Sunday night to set an intention and journal for the coming week. Remember to set an intention that is in your control. Something you can commit to doing. Maybe you could commit to taking a break every 2 hours for 5 mins on a workday to meditate. Maybe you can intend to be a little more patient with your co-workers. Maybe you can set an intention to do something fun every weekday. Maybe you can commit to eating a fruit every noon on a weekday.

Whatever it is, make sure you look forward to doing it. Setting an intention will ease you into the transition between a weekend and a weekday and make Monday a little less scary.

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