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6 professional habits to develop in your twenties

The choices we make in our twenties will shape our professions not the least to say but life ahead.

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The twenties are your foundational years of adulthood life, Where what you do and what you don't do will show up later in your 30s and beyond. It is the phase of our lives where we need to build our careers from scratch, juggle with personal responsibilities, and face rejections along the way... The habits that we develop in our twenties will have a profound effect on our careers. The choices we make will shape our professions not to say the least but life ahead.

Here are 5 tried and tested professional habits, You need to develop in your career's most defining years.

1. Find a mentor.

The 20s are the confusing years of our adulthood, And even when we have a decent number of choices laid in front of us, We struggle to choose, pick, and decide for ourselves. Finding someone who can supervise you through the most transitional years of life will help you build perspective when you can't clearly see your vision for the future.

This mentor could be anyone who is in the field of your interest, Your career coach(excellent investment btw), Your boss, or even your college senior who is doing well in their careers.

The misconception that comes with having a mentor is that you can only have one mentor for life! And that's absolutely not true. As you mature and evolve, You will need different people with a wholly unique perspective to guide you!

2. Do not let your personal and professional life get mixed up.

I was 25 when I had to let go of an 8-year-old relationship, And it messed me up real bad. At 25, I was at the peak of my professional potential, And because my personal life was filled with trauma and rejection, It someway started reflecting on my professional life as well.

Here's what I did, I took a 3-month long break to heal and then came back with a bang!

I know that the 20s are about balancing both personal and professional life simultaneously. In fact, your whole life is. One of the most profitable things you can do for your career is not to manage both at the same time. Because let's be honest, You are gonna screw up either one of them!

3. Update your CV and dust your social profiles.

When it comes to having a professional identity, A well-built resume and your identity online are quite significant—a decent resume, Which is also updated time and again, is all you need to do.

With that, Your online presence on social profiles like Linkedin and even Facebook needs to be highly professional.

I have seen people share their personal life on these platforms! Quite okay unless you want to build a decent reputation in your industry!

Clear your personal photos and stories on social profiles and brush them a little in a way that looks professional.

This leads to my next point!

4. Dress like you are getting that dream client/job/project, Always!

With the whole "work from home" trend, Working in your pajamas is the new okay.

But, there will be times when you need to step out of the home; in those times, dressing decently and appropriately to the occasion is quite remarkable. You don't need to own a #bossbabe suit, But decent work clothing is game-changing.

5. Be persistent.

When I was a new intern at my office, I was treated like I wasn't needed there! Quite frankly, I used to get offended by that fact! But now, when I look back, It kind of seems funny! I can't expect them to treat me like a grade A employee who has significantly no experience and was a newbie! I wanted things to work for me quite fast! Now I understand that it doesn't work that way; I needed to stick around and be persistent to truly earn my place. It will happen, But it will take time.

Hang in there!

6. Track your progress.

I am a planning nerd. Hand-written notes, Planners, journals, Project management tools like Trello, asana, and notion, You name it, I have used them all!. For me, These are my track recorders. When I glance at my old notes and crossed off goals lists, There is a sense of pride. It reminds me of the place I came from.

For example, Starting my own website was just a dream. I planned it intensively on Trello and journals a year ago. Whenever I see the to-do lists I made for launching my blog, Researched and kept notes for them, It helps me know that I accomplished something and with a little planning I can accomplish the things I am dreaming of now. Referring to old notes, You can get varied ideas that might help your projects you are working on now, Or just simply inspire you.

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